Influences and info on Tyler Hagen.

Tyler Hagen is a photographer and videographer based out of California.

Tyler Hagen

Music and concert photography/ Product photography / Editorials / Portraits / Photojournalism / Commercial photography / Wedding Photography/ Cinematographer 

I was born in California but raised in Michigan. Returning to the West Coast after my time in the midwest instilled a unique perspective in how I photograph my clients. 

The lessons I learned  from attending film school have had a major influence in shaping my shooting style. Focusing on directing and cinematography allowed me to transition those skills into a photographic medium and apply a lot of the same techniques. Capturing a sense of emotion in my photographs is the main priority.  

Major influences include Stanley Kubrick, Harry Benson, William Eggleston, David Fincher, Stephen King, Haley The Wolf, Terry Richardson, Paul Thomas Anderson, Kevin Mullins, Richard Kern, Steven Spielberg, Fede Alvarez, Christopher Nolan and Thomas Wesley Pentz. 

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Commercial Clients

LA Weekly, Dolls Kill, Kilo E-Liquid, Willow Model Management, Hamptons Las Vegas, Wild Thyme Restaurant Group, Ballast Point Brewery, Filament Brand, Fly Society, Glime Designs, Eak (Elevating All Kind), Original Grain (Watches), WeedMaps, Till Dawn Group, The Event Loft, The Villa San Juan, Gray Matter Museum Of Art, Who Song and Larry's Restaurant, Bleodren Bikinis, PSO Rite


"I think aesthetically recording spontaneous action, rather than carefully posing a picture, is the most valid and expressive use of photography,"

Stanley Kubrick.